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Poker variations can be recognized in an unlimited number. Each of the variations has its own strategy. If you want to avoid to be a looser you need experience, skill and patience. With this qualities you will be able to learn all about poker variations and the strategies what they require. First of all you need to be familiarized with the basic betting terminology and to know how to use them to win.


The most recognized and the most basic strategy in poker is Bluff. Bluffing means that action which is used in case that you don't have a good enough hand for winning a pot. In this case if you make a bet or a raise this describes the action which is called bluffing.

Slow play

This strategy is mainly utilized for winning pots from loose players. This strategy could be described by having a good hand but not betting accordingly, hoping that a player behind you would be bluffing. If this strategy works can be hidden the strength of your hand, and can be increased the size of the pot. Players holding Pocket Aces are often using this technique. In Aces , players usually want to keep the strong hand at least one of the other players in the pot. Using this strategy does not mean that you always have to check.It can happen , like in Aces, that you just want to make a raise before the flop, to have less players in the hand. But take care, not to over-bet, scaring all the others out.

Check and raise

This is an old poker strategy, which is based on your capacity to identify the betting tendencies of your opponents. It is like a slow play, where you observe and wait on the loose players, who sits behind you to make a shot at the pot. There exists also a difference between this strategies. In this case with the check an raise, you have the possibility to shoot back at the player. He or she won't be able to call, in case of a draw, or if they are bluffing, after his bet with the raise. This strategy is typically used by the players, in case they have more outs, or a decent hand, and they are up against a looser. You must be sure that the pot is worth taking. Don't make such a foolish thing, that you use in a no-limit tournament 1000 chips to win 100. This strategy worth to be used if your raise would be 1,5-2 times the actual size of the pot. This is enough for good players to be scared out. You must know, that there would be players who will stay in, with the hope that they draw the card they need. You must make them sure that this decision will be unprofitable for them. You have to watch out players from the last position, who make small bets, to see cheap card on the Turn. This technique will often be foiled by check and raise, and you will be able to win a few pots during the process.

Vary your playing style:

Other casino players will remember your playing style, even if you don't play for month. This is valid especially if your style is too tight or loose. For tight players is recommended to pick up their spots and to play hands, and for loose players to decide every fourth table. This are only examples of simple changes and you have to develop more technique. This can be one of the most expensive parts of the poker but you should learn to vary, unless you will loose every time. These are only a few tips, basic ones for you to know how to start to become a professional player with time. The innumberable variations of poker all have their well specified strategies. You should learn them in order to be able to play and to win. For example:
    in seven cards stud you are forced to remember cards. There you are supposed to calculate difficult pot odds, and this musn't take more than a moment. in Hold'em the playing style of your opponent should be recognized and memorized by you. This gives you the edge when the pot is available. in Omaha other players often must be driven by you with good hands, and with agressive betting out of pots.

Remember that while you are beginner you act wisely if you play straightforward games which will bring you the victory in the long run. For beginners there are other rules than for professionists. You can try to play tight, don't make any fancy bluffs, bet agressively, when you have the best hand, and for your drawing decisions use pot odds. Slow playing can work when it is the time of deception with other players. Sometimes can be advantageous to give to other players a free card, especially when stone nuts are in your hand. While your skills aren't formed enough, your most important task is to master yourself in the art of choosing your starting hands, betting aggressively your winning hands, and employing pot odds. In addition you must know that poker is a game about situations and people. There are some general hints, but these never could replace your proper situational judgement skills. There aren't certain situational pre-planned strategies. If you don't take into account the actual situational factors, and you follow just the guidelines which are prepared in your head, you won't win anything. If you decided to play poker it is important to help confidence in yourself, and use your head. Maybe your play will violate the textbooks instructions. Don't worry about this. The main thing is to practice and to be attentive on your mistakes, and try to correct you for yourself. Remember to think to yourself, and to be patient and you will be able to develop your skills, without attaching too strongly to the textbook.

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